Bulk Cannabidiol

We unlock nature's most extraordinary ingredients and deliver them to our customers exactly as they request.   


Mirror Farm controls the entire value chain and boasts full seed to patient traceability. 


At Mirror we are extremely well-positioned to work with global medical and cosmetic customers and provide access to the highest standards of certifications and quality.  


Mirror raw materials comply with the WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Medicinal Plants.


Along with our monthly contract capabilities on bulk extracts, Mirror will produce CBD capsules, tinctures, and modified products upon formal request. 


Medical, food and nutraceutical product manufacturing and packaging available. 

Food & pharm grade production and processing  including:

  • crude extraction

  • distillation

  • fragmentation

  • chromatography

  • mixing

  • oil production



Please enter your requirements by following the link below and one of the Mirror Support team will contact you directly. 

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