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Who We Are

Farmers, scientists, engineers and visionaries fascinated with research, intelligence and safety. 

Our hunt for the perfect growing land and climate has taken us around the world and educated us greatly. 

The seed genetics we cultivate work hand in hand with our science technology to bring our customers the purest and most organic extract available.     


Our mineral-rich soil and EU certified strain work in perfect harmony. 

Within our cooperative, over 1,100 metric tons of extractable biomass will enter the market in 2019. 


We believe in only working with individuals and companies qualified to the highest degree. 

The scientific advisors we work with in Switzerland are pioneers and educators.




All extracts are 100% free of heavy metals, pesticides and growth hormones.

Specific profiles, terpenes and formulas are available upon request.

Nutraceutical Products

17 wholesale Nutraceutical products available to white label. 


Mirror Farm is proud to have 'World Help initiative' (WHI) as a strategic alliance. 

Deep Industry Knowledge

The experts who work with and for Mirror Farm have devoted their lives to unselfishly achieving the educational merits they boast. 

Years of Experience

We have decades of experience behind each area of our business which allows for professional, seamless and efficient project execution. 

Quality Assurance 

From seed to extract Mirror Farm is always in control. 

Third party testing facilities play a key part in maintaining excellence and quality. 



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