About Mirror Farm Ltd

Mirror Farm is a British origin company and multinational company with operating facilities in London, Italy, Switzerland and California.
With a strong strategic alliance within the purification, logistics, banking, engineering, and manufacturing industries we pride ourselves on the ability to execute our missions with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism. 
Our customers have told us we make their business endeavours feel seamless and in control.       
Our Company

Contract farming is a strong aspect of our growth plan, offering realistic and conservative returns to our customers while ensuring a structured risk plan is created specifically for their requirements. 

As we purchase and trade raw material on a daily basis we have great means of product testing to ensure all products meet strict compliance and quality assurance checks. 

Our devotion to product excellence has allowed us to form great trust with our customers, in turn, allowing for steady growth. 


Upon meeting our customers we will access each goal and ambition and work tirelessly until a realistic and rewarding action plan is created, we then will seamlessly guide through transaction and onboarding process. 

We have access to expert logistic teams and transport companies along with distribution for single or multiple product codes. 

We believe in aiming for quality over quantity at the start of a partnership, however, feel confident our industry expertise will allow us to assist with manageable, healthy and rapid growth


Quality assurance and safety are at the forefront of all of our endeavours and decisions.

We test all materials for heavy metals, pesticides, growth hormones, nicotine, ammonia, mould and more providing formal analysis at each stage of cultivation, harvest and in some cases extraction. 

Internation third-party testing laboratories play a key part in continuously understanding new and improved benchmark standards to ensure we can exceed on every occasion. 

Environment & Sustainability

Mirror Farm makes a conscious effort to protect and un-wastefully produce and pollute for the better of mankind. 

From water remediation to packaging our focus is on keeping our negative climate impact too as little as possible. 


We're actively considering carbon offset and plastic reduction programs for 2020. 

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