Technology has played a key part in managing physical farming aspects such as drone usage for crop quality checks, but we use tech officials to a higher degree to access, understand and evaluate plant behavior in order to maximize the chance of a successful harvest. 
Research & Development

Due to our University partnerships we have first insight into trials that support the extracts we create with our own product brands. We're always on the hunt for new formulas and extraction methods to get the very best of our materials. 

Seed Science

Vast trial and error workshops have led us to better understand the vegetative behavior of a variety of clones and seeds. 


Our high yielding crops have had much research ahead of a plantation to minimize the risk of crop loss. We purchase material for our own research purpose but stand by very high standards of quality checks ahead of purchasing. 


We're building a robotic packaging facility in Italy that will enable an end-to-end solution for material to customer dispatch. This efficient move will allow for a fast and systematic growth plan when it comes to distribution. 

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